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About Me

Hi, I’m David Greenfield and welcome to FI Knowledge! I’m glad you’re here! I’m currently a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager and I’ve spent my 12+ year career delving into the world of finance with in-depth experience working on securitized products, fixed income structuring, HY, IG, and UST ETF creations and redemptions, trading, portfolio management and more.


I received my bachelors degree in Economics from Columbia University and my Masters of Business Administration ("MBA") from U.C. Berkeley, HAAS School of Business - Go Bears! 


My passion for fixed income inspired me to create this platform as a resource for others. During my studies, I consistently craved an easily digestible guide to financial terms and concepts. Let’s face it - sometimes a giant textbook with complicated phrasing doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of fixed income, curious about the latest trends or eager to explore innovative ways to shape the financial mindset of the future, FI Knowledge is for you. 

Have a topic you want covered, an unanswered question or need one-on-one training? Reach out below! 

Contact Me:

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